We're investing in our future by investing in yours.

Lots of companies make lots of promises to current students and new and recent graduates. At VCE, we thought you would be better off with a billion dollar reality check. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into when you build a career with the global converged infrastructure market leader. We want you to understand the expectations. And we want you to see what it takes to be successful throughout your career with us.

At VCE, our business is all about what’s next. Yes, our track-record is impressive and yes, our growth has been remarkable. But without new thinking, there is no future. It’s really that simple. Your ideas aren’t just welcomed at VCE, they’re expected.

You’ll find that at VCE, we are committed to your growth and development from your first day with us. You’ll be asked to contribute almost immediately, even if you join one of our Development Programs after graduation.

We’ll surround you with colleagues who are among the very best at what they do. They’re driven and ambitious and eager to show you how to make your mark. It’s more than making you feel welcomed and valued. It’s a sincere commitment to your success, made by all of us.

As a new or recent graduate, you’ll need to be just as ambitious as we are. Ask questions. Be proactive. Don’t wait for opportunities to appear, seek them out. Our company is growing at a pace that demands excellence from every member of our team, regardless of their level of experience. You may be a recent graduate on paper, but at VCE, you’ll contribute to one of IT’s biggest success stories right from the start.

Opportunity happens here. And it can happen for you.


履歴書や職務経歴書を採用担当者に直接送付した場合であっても、行政機関向けのベンダーとして、 皆さんの情報をVCEの 求人応募追跡システム. に入力して頂く必要があります。入力には時間がかかるかと思いますが、これによって皆さんの適性がシステムに登録され、新たな求人が発生したときに、VCEはそれを検索することができるようになります。VCEは急速に成長しているため、皆さんのバックグラウンドや期待に沿ったポストを、皆さんが考えているよりも早く提供できる可能性があります。